Benefits to Clients



GPECS offers the following benefits to its clients and team members:

  • Independent and Unbiased - GPECS offers an objective perspective that is not influenced by the prospect of potential benefits, financial or otherwise, derived from our analysis or recommendations.


  • Extensive Experience - The firm's expertise covers developments over the last 10 years, and we have worked with numerous diverse clients on assessing environmental impacts and preparing realistic action plans.


  •  Communication is a Priority - We maintain ongoing contact with our clients on a regular basis so there are no "surprises" and we often make presentations to departmental personnel and political decision-makers that explain technical analyses in easily understandable terms.


  • Schedule/Cost Management - GPECS manages projects through baseline planning and management-by-exception, which focuses on variance ahead of budget or schedule problems. GPECS experienced project managers utilise scheduling and resource allocation programs to develop realistic schedules and budgets.