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Quality Assurance/Quality Control Methods

GPECS's philosophy is to continuously strive for excellence in delivering professional services. This commitment to quality service mandates use of a formal quality management organizational structure that sets minimum quality standards required to meet our client's needs and expectations for quality, timeliness, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

GPECS has established project and communication processes that ensure accurate, timely and effective response to the identified needs of our customers. GPECS's approach includes the following:

  • a single point of contact to address all technical issues - this structure holds constant regardless of the project location;
  • a uniform format for project completion and report preparation regardless of which GPECS office is taking the lead;
  • all work is managed through the GPECS Project Manager;
  • a set company-wide QA/QC policy.

Assessment of Percentage of Time for Quality Control is developed from similar projects assuring accuracy, compliance and thoroughness. The size of the contract, the technical complexity and the regulatory and design requirements being addressed determines the level of QA/QC activities.

Competent and experienced Quality Control Managers support GPECS's QA/QC programme and provide overall Quality Review to assure:

  • tasks are completed with the highest degree of technical accuracy;
  • investigations, assessments and recommendations are competently developed; and,
  • conducted and final documentation is in concert with our Clients, as well as applicable regulatory agency, requirements.

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